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Cocktail Slippers (2014)

Cocktail Slippers is an all girl rock band from Oslo, Norway. The band was formed in 2001 and the debut album «Rock It» was released the same year by the Norwegian record label MTG Records. The second album «Mastermind» was released by MTG Records in 2004.

Cocktail Slippers was signed by Steven Van Zandts record label Wicked Cool Records in 2007, and Wicked Cool Records have released all Cocktail Slippers albums worldwide, including «St Valentines Day Massacre» in 2009, which is produced by Steven Van Zandt and Cocktail Slippers.

In 2013 the band was signed by Universal Norway for the Norwegian market. The band´s fourth album is released January 2014.

«Don´t miss out on Cocktail Slippers live concerts – we always have fun on stage, and we do all we can to make the audience dance, groove and have fun during our shows! Come see for your selves – we won´t let you down!» Cocktail Slippers

«In full hosanna, in songs such as «In The City» and Gotta Crush» the Slippers sound a lot like the Go-Go´s but with gats in stead of L.A. cheer, and a mule kick in their high heels. It´s all retro action but written and detonated with the study and delight of modern rock & roll women in constant touch with their inner filly.» David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Hope – lead vocals
Rocket Queen – guitar
Aurora De Morales – bass
Bella Donna – drums
Piper – keyboard

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