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Joe D’Urso, an Americana/Jersey Shore/Rock & Roll songwriter released his 14th CD on SCR/Schoolhouse Records, titled «Jersey Diner» in January 2018. The CD was recorded in Nyack, Rockland County, NY at OK Records and features 11 D’Urso originals as well as songs written by Rock and Roll’s greatest songwriters (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Harry Chapin). The CD runs from straight-up Americana rock and roll, singer-songwriter offerings, Jersey Shore and Greenwich Villages influences as well as Catskill Mountain country tinged instrumentation. Joe has performed in 25 countries with his band Stone Caravan as well as a solo artist as has just returned from his longest European tour to date which covered 8 countries and 24 concerts in July/August 2018.

D’Urso remains true to an ideal inspired by the late Harry Chapin: that it is essential to help the less fortunate. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Light of Day Foundation, which raises funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease. Joe is a founding member of Pinkfest, whose sole purpose is to battle Breast Cancer, and sits on the board of WhyHunger and is a founding member of Artists Against Hunger and Poverty. Joe is also the owner of Rockland-Bergen Music Festival and a partner in C.B.G.B.

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